Temporary car insurance

Temporary car insuranceStarting from 11 € / month
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Temporary Auto Insurance Prices

Temporary (or temporary) auto insurance represents a significant cost, justified by the risk taking by the company, which occasionally insures a driver whom it does not know.

Temporary auto insurance is not in line with the traditional auto insurance contract. Comparing the different offers is therefore the best way to get the most appropriate temporary auto insurance offer.

What is covered by Term Insurance

Temporary auto insurance usually offers the basic guarantees, which are mandatory. Car insurance companies therefore cover “third party” drivers (ie the legal minimum) under this interim contract. In fact, the third party protects the driver with the statement of liability.

Some companies offer warranty extensions as part of a temporary insurance policy, but they have a price. Despite this, it is strongly recommended to subscribe to these extensions in case of travel abroad.

What is not covered by term insurance

Term insurance has its limitations, especially in the case of a trip abroad. The latter is not covered under a provisional insurance contract lasting less than three days.
Who is benefiting from temporary auto insurance?

Many auto insurance companies select driver profiles in demand for term insurance. Generally, these companies offer to insure the vehicle from 1 to 90 days, with a driver aged over 20 years and attesting a driving experience of at least 2 years.
In which case choose temporary insurance?

Temporary auto insurance can be an interesting solution in some cases:

  • In the case of an unused vehicle;
  • In the context of a trip abroad for which traditional auto insurance does not cover risks;
  • Pending a new classic auto insurance contract;
  • In connection with the importation of a vehicle from abroad.

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