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States to sue to block Trump cutoff of Obamacare money, as higher-income customers face biggest hit

Getty Images New York State Attorney General Eric Schneiderman. The attorneys general for New York, California, and more than a dozen other states moved Friday to sue the Trump administration to block the cutoff ofcritical Obamacare payments to health insurers. At the same time, health insurance experts warned that the administration’s decision to end those […]

How Amazon becoming a pharmacy could lower the price of drugs, according to Morgan Stanley

Shannon Stapleton | Reuters Jeff Bezos Morgan Stanley has a new report out for investors that outlines how Amazon’s potential push into pharmacy would benefit consumers. In the first phase, the authors speculate that Amazon could open “virtual retail pharmacies,” leveraging its Prime Now network for millions of U.S. consumers to buy drugs online. “Amazon […]

Trump’s new rule on birth control is basically discrimination against women

Doug Mills | The New York Times Protesters outside the Supreme Court in 2014. The Trump administration recently released regulations allowing employers, colleges, and universities to eliminate birth-control coverage from their health-benefit plans because of religious or moral objections. These new rules will allow employers and schools to discriminate against women while undermining the importance […]