Among Main Street women, Trump’s health-care policy is a loser

President Donald Trump signed an executive order on Thursday that he claims will relieve the burden the Affordable Care Act places on business owners, but there is a large subset of U.S. businesses that have held a disapproving view of Trump’s health-care policy: women-owned ones.

Women small-business owners are more concerned about the state of the health-care industry than male small-business owners, and they are more negative on Trump’s health-care policy by a significant margin, according to the third-quarter CNBC/SurveyMonkey Small Business Survey.

Among the near-1,000 female small-business owners in the survey (women comprise roughly 39 percent of the small-business-owner survey group), 30 percent cited health care as the most important issue to them, the No. 1 issue for women. Male entrepreneurs cited “jobs and the economy” as the most important issue; only 21 percent of men reported that health care was most important to them.

Forty-eight percent of female business owners said they “strongly disapprove” of Trump’s handling of health-care policy. Thirty-eight percent of women entrepreneurs approved of Trump’s health-care policy vs. 51 percent of men. Fifty-nine percent of the women surveyed disapproved of how Trump has handled the presidency overall, one percentage point less than the 60 percent of female entrepreneurs who disapproved of Trump’s approach to health- care policy. Just 41 percent of male entrepreneurs disapproved of the current administration, and 47 percent disapproved of Trump’s health-care policy.

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