Just two tiny US counties will be without insurers next year as Centene expands Nevada coverage

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A mother and son speak with a Sunshine Life and Health Advisors as they purchase health insurance under the Affordable Care Act at the kiosk setup at the Mall of Americas on January 15, 2014 in Miami, Florida.

Only two very small counties in the United States remain without an Obamacare insurer planning to sell health coverage next year after Centene on Tuesday said it will offer coverage in Nevada’s remaining 14 “bare” counties in 2018.

There are fewer than 400 people who currently buy Obamacare coverage though the federal HealthCare.gov marketplace in the two counties, in Ohio and Wisconsin, that remain at risk of not having an insurer next year, according to a map maintained by the Kaiser Family Foundation.

“This is not even a fraction of a percent of the people” in the U.S., said Cynthia Cox, associate director for Kaiser’s Program for the Study of Health Reform and Private Insurance.

In late June, according to federal health officials, there were 49 counties nationally that did not have an insurer committed to sell plans on a government-run Obamacare marketplace in 2018.

But since then, the number has fallen as insurers have agreed to offer coverage in most of those areas.

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