Obamacare prices hiked up to 38 percent because of Trump threats: Report

Jabin Botsford | The Washington Post | Getty Images
Donald Trump

Insurers slapped surcharges of anywhere from 7 to 38 percent onto premiums for Obamacare’s most popular type of plans because of threats for months by President Donald Trump to end reimbursement payments to insurers, a new report says.

But many customers will be shielded from those price hikes, the Kaiser Family Foundation report noted.

That’s because they either will receive higher federal subsidies that offset rising Obamacare premiums, or will opt for other types of plans that are not subject to the surcharges in a number of states.

In fact, another new analysis, from consulting firm Oliver Wyman, notes that there will be more Obamacare customers in 2018 who will personally pay no money at all for their premiums because their federal subsidies will be higher than the cost of their plans.

However, some customers will get hit with the full effect of the price hikes identified by Kaiser.

The analysis by the Kaiser Family Foundation comes days before Wednesday’s start of open enrollment in Obamacare plans.

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