Only one county in US remains without an Obamacare insurer for 2018

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Activists hold signs during a Stop 'Trumpcare' rally May 4, 2017 in front of the Capitol in Washington, DC.

And there was just one.

The entire United States, with the exception of a single small county in Ohio, is now on track to have at least one insurer offering Obamacare health coverage next year.

That’s a big change from earlier this summer when at different times a total of 82 counties lacked commitments from insurers who sell individual health plans for 2018.

And the continued decline in “bare counties” provides more ammunition for Obamacare advocates arguing against Trump administration claims that the health-care program is failing and needs to be replaced immediately.

The latest potential bare area to get coverage offered for next year was Menominee County in Wisconsin, where just 47 people buy Obamacare plans on the federal marketplace

Elizabeth Hizmi, a spokeswoman for Wisconsin’s insurance commissioner, would not identify the insurer that in recent days agreed to sell plans in Menominee, saying “at this time, service areas are not public.”


Insurance regulators in Ohio are trying to get an insurer to step in and offer individual health plans in that lone “bare” area, Paulding County.

“The director is still working on it,” said David Hopcraft, spokesman for Ohio Insurance Director Jillian Froment.

Paulding County has only 334 people currently covered by an individual health plan sold on Froment has several weeks left to line up an insurer to cover the county.

Hopcraft, when asked what provisions Froment was considering for Paulding’s existing Obamacare customers if an insurer does not step in, said, “You know what, we’re not there yet.”

“The director said in a recent interview that she was just hopeful,” Hopcraft said.

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